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      Organic Matcha Green Tea – Cooking and Drinking


      Matcha Tea is both a great help for your health, maintaining a healthy weight, and a great addition to drinks and recipes.

      Ideal for preparing Matcha Latte, but also for smoothies, ice-creams, pancakes and much more.

      Add Matcha Tea powder to your recipes, to increase your daily intake of antioxidants and enjoy new recipes everyday.

      Its sweet and aromatic undertone and its typical light green colour will revolutionize your cooking.

      If you are always on the go or if you don’t like cooking, try Matcha tea capsules.

    • OMGTea, OMGTea

      Organic Matcha Green Tea AAA+


      Not all teas are made equal. OMGTEA’s AAA+ Grade is the top product of this Company and it’s a ceremonial tea.

      This highest quality product is the result of the most elaborate harvest techniques: it is harvested by hand, just once per year and it is produced selecting only the finest leaves.

      That’s why this Matcha Green Tea has a unique taste, with its rich and delicate flavour.

      This authentic Matcha Gren Tea will set your taste buds racing.

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