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      Wild white sage


      White Sage (Salvia Apiana) is an evergreen shrub, growing in the desert, in the area between South California and Mexico. It is held sacred and it has been used for thousands of years among Native Americans in cleansing rituals and in Shamanic smudging ceremonies.

      White Sage cleanses rooms and persons of unwanted and negative energy, soothes the mind and make it calmer.

      When burned, the leaves release their beneficial properties. In fact, the smoke from white sage is used by the North American Indians for smudging ceremonies and for invoking good luck and prosperity.

      We like to use White Sage when we feel mentally overwhelmed and when we have a lack of energy. A “Me Time” enjoying this ritual.

      In addition to the energetic effects, White Sage releases negative ions, very important to keep a correct balance of positive and negative ions in the air. The excess of positive ions in everyday modern life may affect our health.

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