• Alex Carro

      Facial Cleanser 2/5

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      A gentle gel formula that turns into an ultra delicate milk when emulsified with water.

      This beautiful blend of botanical ingredients has been conceived to deeply remove impurities while providing skin with optimal hydration.

      For a powerful, deep cleanse with no irritation and dynamic cell regeneration and conditioning, feel the zing of select botanicals like palmarosa, jojoba and petitgrain that protect and enhance your skin’s natural beauty while leaving it incomparably clean.

      You can mix the Facial Cleanser with other Alex Carro products to build very personalised treatments that target your specific needs.

      If your face is loosing its natural glow, you can up your cleansing routine with an Enzymatic Cleansing Gel. Just add half teaspoon (or less, in case of sensitive skin) of Exfoliating Powder to your daily dose of Facial Cleanser. Emulsify with warm water and rinse. Repeat daily.

      Create a Radiance Boost Mask. Mix a few drops of Balancing Face Oil with Face Cleanser to get a wonderful soothing and nurturing mask. Leave it on your face 10/15 minutes before you rinse it. Repeat twice or three times a week for visible results.

    • Alex Carro

      Exfoliating Powder 3/5

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      Skin is constantly exposed to external and internal factors causing clogged pores, uneven texture and dull appearance. Support it through regular exfoliation.

      We are in love with Exfoliating Powder by Alex Carro. A combination of physical and enzymatic exfoliation that naturally breaks down dead skin cells and improves skin’s texture and appearance. This ultra thin powder contains powerful fruit enzymes and natural plant extracts brighten and regenerate skin.

      Benefits are immediately visible: your skin will look radiant, glowing, smooth.

      You can mix Exfoliating Powder with other products to create personalised treatments that target your specific needs.

      When your skin looks tired, wake it up with a blend of Exfoliating Powder and Balancing Face Oil. Just mix a few drops of oil with half teaspoon of powder for a Flash Effect Treatment. Massage gently over your face, lips and neck. Leave
      for 2 minutes and then rinse with warm water. Repeat up to twice or three times a week.

      If your face is loosing its natural glow, you can up your cleansing routine with an Enzymatic Cleansing Gel. Just add half teaspoon (or less, in case of sensitive skin) of Exfoliating Powder to your daily dose of Facial Cleanser. Emulsify with warm water and rinse. Repeat daily.

    • Alex Carro

      Face Cream 4/5

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      This beautifully simple yet sophisticated face cream has a rich, sumptuous texture. It melts with skin and makes it tones, soft and hydrated.

      Use it daily to give your skin unparalleled comfort and a beautiful multi sensorial experience enhance by its warm and subtle fragrance.

    • Alex Carro

      Multiuse Balm 5/5


      Skin SoS? It may happen, especially in extreme weather conditions.

      Multiuse Balm by Alex Carro is the answer. A little treasure that immediately and visibly repairs, soothe and hydrates parched skin and chipped lips.

      A unique softness that’s effortless and simple finally fitting in your pocket. Precious botanicals like Moroccan Argan Oil, Calendua, Neroil and Shea butter imbue our balm with the nutrient rich, sumptuous luxury skin and lips need to look their absolute best.

      You can create a beautiful lips scrub for extremely dehydrated and chipped lips. Mix a little quantity of Multiuse Balm and Exfoliating Powder and blend them in the palm of your hand. Massage gently onto your lips. Leave it for 5 minutes and rinse carefully. Apply a thing layer of Balm. Your lips will feel and look soft, plump and hydrated.

    • Alex Carro, Alex Carro

      Mix & Glow kit


      Keep your skin healthy and glowing with an easy, essential skincare routine with these three natural, sophisticated, unisex and effective heroes.

      You can use them separately or mix them to create personalised treatments. Bring them always with you, especially in your travels.

      The Mix and Glow kit includes

    • Alex Carro

      Discovery Set


      Alex Carro Discovery Set offers a portable, elegant solution to skincare. A travel sized Balancing Face Oil, Exfoliating Powder, Cleanser and Face Cream come along with a full-size Multiuse Balm comprise a convenient way to experience our full capsule collection of products.

      Fall in love with this range, created to work together to form a perfect everyday routine, create your own tailored products by mixing at home, adapting your skincare to your skin’s needs and your mood, and take your favourite skincare on an adventure with you.

      This capsule collection comes in in a lightweight, resistant, elegant jacron paper wash bag, making it the perfect travel or gym companion, way to experiment with Alex Carro, or gift introduction to our natural botanical collection.

      The Discovery Set includes

    • Grown Alchemist

      Hydra-Repair + Intensive Day Cream


      Ever felt like a face cream just leaves your skin still feeling thirsty? Hydra-Repair + Intensive cream by Grown Alchemist is the answer to defeat this feeling!

      An extra rich, non–greasy intensive facial cream formulated to achieve maximum hydration levels without leaving residual oil or shine on the skin. This formulation’s rich velvety cream leaves facial skin hydrated, looking soothed and smooth.

    • Grown Alchemist

      Shaving gel – Sandalwood, Sage


      Sandalwood and Sage shaving gel is formulated to soften and lift the hair follicle, providing maximum glide for a close and comfortable shave.

      It protects skin from irritation and razor burn, leaving skin supple, smooth and soothed.

    • Grown Alchemist

      Hydra-Repair Day Cream: Camellia & Geranium Blossom – 65ml


      hydrating and nourishing cream providing dry skin the extra nourishment it needs.

      Ideal for protecting skin from environmental and weather conditions, such as extreme cold weather or during a long-haul travel, but also after a dermatology treatment or skin trauma.

    • Grown Alchemist

      Age-Repair Lip Treatment – Tri-peptide, Violet Leaf Extract


      This potent lip treatment hydrates and conditions your lips while visibly increasing volume.

      It also refines the lip-line and reduces fine lines, on and around the lip contour.

    • Grown Alchemist

      Detox Night Cream: Peptide-3, Echinacea & Reishi Extract


      This advanced Night Cream is formulated with a unique blend of Peptides, Echinacea, Vitamins, Hyaluronic Acid and Essential Omega Fatty Acids that detox and regenerate the skin.

      Use this silky cream to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

      Transform the texture of your complexion while you sleep and look fresh, radiant and naturally beautiful.

    • Grown Alchemist

      Detox Toner – Hydrolyzed Algin, Peptide-33, Rhodiola Rosea Extract


      Are you looking for a detoxifying toner that is gentle on your skin and can also regenerate and repair it?
      Your search has come to an end!

      This non–irritating toner contains the most wonderful cell–communicating ingredients which visibly remove impurities while visibly regenerating and repairing damaged skin cells. If this wasn’t enough, it is also uber effective in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

      Last but not least, we love a good bunch of adaptogens on top of our face too!

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