• Grown Alchemist

      Hydra-Repair Day Cream: Camellia & Geranium Blossom – 65ml


      hydrating and nourishing cream providing dry skin the extra nourishment it needs.

      Ideal for protecting skin from environmental and weather conditions, such as extreme cold weather or during a long-haul travel, but also after a dermatology treatment or skin trauma.

    • Grown Alchemist

      Age-Repair Lip Treatment – Tri-peptide, Violet Leaf Extract


      This potent lip treatment hydrates and conditions your lips while visibly increasing volume.

      It also refines the lip-line and reduces fine lines, on and around the lip contour.

    • Grown Alchemist

      Detox Night Cream: Peptide-3, Echinacea & Reishi Extract


      This advanced Night Cream is formulated with a unique blend of Peptides, Echinacea, Vitamins, Hyaluronic Acid and Essential Omega Fatty Acids that detox and regenerate the skin.

      Use this silky cream to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

      Transform the texture of your complexion while you sleep and look fresh, radiant and naturally beautiful.

    • Grown Alchemist

      Detox Toner – Hydrolyzed Algin, Peptide-33, Rhodiola Rosea Extract


      Are you looking for a detoxifying toner that is gentle on your skin and can also regenerate and repair it?
      Your search has come to an end!

      This non–irritating toner contains the most wonderful cell–communicating ingredients which visibly remove impurities while visibly regenerating and repairing damaged skin cells. If this wasn’t enough, it is also uber effective in reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

      Last but not least, we love a good bunch of adaptogens on top of our face too!

    • Grown Alchemist

      Hydra+ Oil-Gel Facial Cleanser


      Guess our favourite face cleanser textures? Oil, gel and milk.
      Guess why Hydra+ Oil-Gel Facial Cleanser is one of our absolutely favourites? Because it has all of them, in just one product! But it’s not just a matter of texture.

      This ultra soft oil-gel activates when massaged on the face and turns into a delicate milky cleanser that washes away all impurities leaving the skin clean, soft, hydrated and soothed.

      This formula is very effective in contrasting the negative effects of environmental pollution. An extraordinary mix of the purest natural ingredients backed by science. It increases the skins resistance to sensitivity while minimising signs of irritation and ageing.

    • Agent Nateur



      An exclusive blend of wildcrafted, organic and non-GMO ingredients. We chose this oil because it is wonderful and healing for all skin types and ages.

      H o l i ( o i l ) works.  Its light texture is immediately absorbed by skin, providing an instant glow. It minimizes the appearance of redness, unevenness, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and dark spots. It boosts collagen production and helps fight the effects of free radicals while smoothing the look of the skin.

      “Our mission was to create a hydrating, non-greasy, anti-aging face oil for men and women that provides an incredible glow.  It has tightened and brightened; and corrected the appearance of wrinkles and redness.
      We can’t go a day (or night) withouth o l i ( o i l ) because IT FEELS just as good as it makes you look.
      Whether you are 20 or 60, you won’t be able to go a day without it either.”

    • Agent Nateur



      We’ve been looking for an excellent, pure, non GMO Vitamin C for a long time. Until we found Holi (C) youth skin refining face vitamines by Agent Nateur. How did it convince us? Because of its powder formula, its INCI and proven results. If used consistently, this booster can transform your face skin. It promotes glow, tone and an even complexion. It visibly reduces fine lines, wrinkles, scars and acne. It is very useful to treat rosacea.


      A little bottle of this very powerful powder will go a long way: you’ll only need a pinch of product for each application.

    • Coola Organic Suncare

      Mineral Face SPF 30 Rōsilliance® Tinted Organic BB+ Cream


      Get ready to treat and transform your face with this sophisticated bouquet of gorgeous roses! Mineral Face SPF 30 Rōsilliance® Tinted Organic BB+ Cream contains stem cells from 5 different species that are like a healing miracle for skin: they will provide extraordinary hydration, protection and glow.


      A few drops of this lightly tinted fluid will smooth and even your complexion while protecting skin from UV rays.


      70%+ organic ingredients.
      Broad spectrum SPF 30.
      Rich in antioxidant.
      Titanium dioxide sunscreen,
      Water resistant (80 minues).
      Lightly covers imperfections.
      See and reef safe.

    • Coola Organic Suncare

      Mineral Face SPF 30 Matte Tint Moisturizer


      UV rays are among the top reasons your skin ages. Photoaging in particular is caused by exposing to sunlight without protection. UVA and UVB rays burn the superficial layer of skin and penetrate into it. Which turns into free radicals and a weakened immune system.

      Mineral Face SPF 30 Matte Tint Moisturizer can provide all the hydration and protection your skin needs, withoud any side effect! It’s unisex and just perfect for daily use. Its lightly pigmented texture will make your complexion look even and smooth while protecting it from sun damage.

      Its formula is enriched with powerful natural ingredients and antioxidants. Your skin will be hydrated but still looking matte.

      Perfect for Summer, we love to use it all year round.

    • Coola Organic Suncare

      Mineral Face SPF 30 Cucumber Matte Finish Moisturizer


      Daytime lotion, perfect both for urban life and travelling. Mineral Face SPF 30 Matte Tint Moisturiser has antioxidant benefits and SPF 30 sunscreen in one and is ideal for combination to oily skin, or anyone who prefers a mineral sunscreen. This sheer, mattifying formula delivers lightweight hydration and helps reduce shine. If you wear make up works beautifully under it.


      Especially formulated for your face and neck, no need to worry about the “ghost” effect. This moisturiser nourishes, protects, and helps control shine without leaving any white residue on your skin.

      Reef safe.
      Parabens and PABA free.

    • Grown Alchemist

      Anti-Oxidant Facial Oil: Rosehip & Camellia Seed


      An easy to absorb facial oil, rich in antioxidants and with an ultra-lightweight texture.

      Formulated using a blend of natural and organic oils, which stimulates skin cell renewal and protect skin from pollution, UV rays and ageing.

      Great for improving elasticity and for a smooth, luminous, and moisturized skin. Reduces fine liners.

    • Grown Alchemist

      Brightening Serum: Phyto-Complex & Rumex Leaf Extract


      Are you trying to dramatically improve the look of your skin and to get a homogeneous complexion?
      Is your skin affected by sun spots, acne scars or

      If you ticked a few boxes, or if you simply desire to get healthy glowing skin, this Brightening Serum is the right choice for you!

      With regular use, this great blend of botanical ingredients visibly lightens the skin and creates a more even tone.

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