• Salt & Stone

      Spf30 Lip Balm


      An all natural, organic, hydrating SPF30 lip balm that leaves lips feeling soft and protected.

      Non-Nano Zinc Oxide provides broad spectrum protection that applies easily, leaving no visible white residue.

      It is Water Resistant (up to 80min) and reef safe.

      Made in the USA

    • Evolve, Evolve

      Superfood Shine Shampoo

       6,50 16,00

      This organic shampoo with natural ingredients is a perfect choice for a daily use, while being an amazing and effective treatment.

      Formulated with natural cleansers from sugar and coconut, gently cleanses and helps balancing sebum production. Suitable for all hair types.

      Baobab proteins strengthen the hair, while making it softer and more manageable, assuring major shine.
      The Pomegranate extracts fortify hair and protect it from pollutants.
      Aloe gives your hair lengths a boost of hydration.

    • Evolve

      Daily detox facial wash

       8,00 20,00

      When massaged onto your face it forms a delicate foam which cleanse away impurities. It helps detoxify and rebalance normal to combination skin. Its active ingredients, natural Goji Berry extract and Moringa Peptides, defend against pollution. It also contains organic aloe vera to soften the skin, leaving it clean, smooth and supple.

      Fragranced with fresh natural aloe vera fragrance.

      Ideal in combination with The Rainforest rescue blemish serum. 

    • Sort of Coal

      Bamboo Toothbrush with Charcoal bristle


      Design meets function in this bamboo toothbrush with charcoal bristle to boost its antiseptic qualities.

      Its soft bristle is particularly effective to cleanse your teeth and mouth while being very gentle with your gums.

      The toothbrush comes with its matching bamboo case making it the perfect companion for commuting, weekend getaways and globetrotting.

    • Sort of Coal

      Hai hand & Body liquid soap


      Hai hand & Body liquid soap is made with Kuro white charcoal powder and Char Essence, a byproduct of charcoal production.Specifically formulated for hard-working hands, it is gentle enough to use on the body as well as sensitive skin areas.

      An invigorating liquid soap that always respects natural PH balance.

      If you’re pregnant, this product is totally safe for you, as it is free of essential oils and harmful chemicals.

      Skin results deeply cleansed and calm.

    • Hydrea London

      Japanese body brush


      This Japanese body brush made with Agave Sisaliana natural bristle is what you need for a deeply detoxifying massage.

      We suggest you to use it for your daily dry brushing ritual: it will stimulate your blood and lymphatic circulation and will help you to get rid of toxins and excess water in your body. It will transform your skin providing a smoother, more toned and glowing look.

      On top of its many benefits, you’ll also love its ergonomic shape with a practical handle that will make it easy to brush every part of your body.

      Bring it always with you, also when you travel.

    • Evolve

      Gentle Cleansing Melt

       10,50 27,00

      When combined with water, this cleanser turns from buttery into milky.

      Soft and gentle, it perfectly sweeps away dirt and makeup by effectively lifting impurities.

      It’s packed full of nourishing Baobab, which deeply cleanses the skin, while leaving it smooth, fresh, hydrated and vitaminised.

    • Evolve

      Rainforest Rescue Blemish Serum

       11,00 28,00

      All the freshness of Amazon Rainforest in a calming serum, with excellent anti-inflammatory qualities and ideal for oily, congested and combination skin.

      A great treatment with organic ingredients, which effectively helps to decrease sebum production and to prevent pimples, spots and redness.

      It refreshes complexion and is ideal for oily skins, prone to breakouts.

    • Sort of Coal

      Binchotan Charcoal toothpaste


      A toothpaste with charcoal in it? We love the combo
      Especially when it’s premium quality Binchotan White Charcoal: clean and harmless for both humans and the environment, it’s a particularly potent and sustainable material, from picking to discarding.

      Binchotan Charcoal toothpaste has a potent antibacterial action. It leaves your mouth and teeth fresh, clean and white but yet it’s very gentle. Carefully made in Denmark following the highest standards of quality control, testing and packaging.

      The result is a whitening toothpaste without any added artificial aroma or chemicals. Essential, effective, beautiful and sustainable.

    • Plant Apothecary

      GET HAPPY Organic Bodywash travel size


      More than a showering experience: an incredible self-love ritual, to uplift your mood!

      While showering with warm water, breathe in the peppermint and geranium vapours and you’ll feel invigorated, ready to start off the day on a positive note.

      This honey-like gel is made of 8 organic ingredients: gently cleanses all skin types, even dry and sensitive skin.

      Bring it with you wherever you go: its beautiful travel size bottle is totally cabin safe!

      Another good reason, why we love Plant Apothecary, a Company based in Brooklyn, is because it develops excellent products with a contemporary design concept in partnership with a nonprofit organization, which gives support to mentally and physically disabled adults.

    • Evolve

      Daily Defence Moisture mist

       13,00 26,00

      A potent facial moisture mist with an organic Mexican cactus’ elixir to calm irritated skin whilst firming, protecting and increasing skin hydration.

      African Moringa peptides protect skin cells from pollutants and purify the skin.

      Hyaluronic Acid deeply hydrates.

    • Plant Apothecary

      RE: FRESH Organic Toning Facial Mist


      A toning face mist for all skin types.

      A great choice for moisturising, nourishing and smoothening the skin, thanks to its natural and organic ingredients.

      Packed full of Cucumber extract, Rosewater, Aloe Vera, Hamamelis and Lemongrass. Helps to restore the hydro-lipid balance of the skin and, thanks to its antibacterial properties, particularly useful for combination and oily skin, being refreshing and helping to keep the skin clean.

      Excellent for cleansing, it’s the perfect pick-me up throughout the day.

      Another good reason, why we love Plant Apothecary, a Company based in Brooklyn, is because it develops excellent products with a contemporary design concept in partnership with a nonprofit organization, which gives support to mentally and physically disabled adults.

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