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Japanese body brush


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A natural bristle tool to boost microcirculation, detox and exfoliation

This Japanese body brush made with Agave Sisaliana natural bristle is what you need for a deeply detoxifying massage.

We suggest you to use it for your daily dry brushing ritual: it will stimulate your blood and lymphatic circulation and will help you to get rid of toxins and excess water in your body. It will transform your skin providing a smoother, more toned and glowing look.

On top of its many benefits, you’ll also love its ergonomic shape with a practical handle that will make it easy to brush every part of your body.

Bring it always with you, also when you travel.

SIZE: 24x10cm
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How to

Firstly, the brush should be used gently: the objective is to stimulate the skin with firm motions, not to stretch it! The Harder is not the better, in this case!

Every brushing action should be repeated in the same area an average 7 times, in long sweeping motions toward your heart.
However, ankles, knees, wrists, elbows, shoulders, arm pits and stomach should be brushed in circular clockwise strokes.

Start from the feet with upward brushing movements.
Move from the base to the back and work your way up to the calves and thighs starting with the left side then moving to the right side.
After that, move to the arms, shoulders, stomach and back.

After all this brushing, you are ready to get under the water!
To see maximum results, massage some natural oil on your skin before getting into the shower. This will make your skin feel ultra silky and hydrated for the whole day.

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Cactus bristles – Natural bristles made of Agave Sisaliana fibre stimulate the lymphatic system and effectively remove dead cells.

This brush is handcrafted and made with ethically sourced, FSC® certified wood.

DISCLAIMER: The information provided on this Website is for informational purposes only; it cannot therefore be used for diagnostic purposes and does not constitute professional advice or recommendation. Read the full disclaimer.

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