High Resin Palo Santo Wood


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100% natural incense

Palosanto, which means “holy wood”, is a tropical tree (Bursera graveolens) native to Central America. This tropical tree produces an aromatic resin, that grows in concentration with age.

Palo Santo is considered as “Holy Wood”, only if harvested from aged, fallen branches of the tree. After the death of the tree and after lying dead for some years it develops its extraordinary perfume.

Incausa respects the traditions of Andean indigenous people and this cycle. This is the secret of its intense scent! It is like no others we had tried!

Use it for your home ritual special occasions, for its regenerating and purifying action and to ward off negative energies.

In Ecuador and in Peru is also commonly used as insect repellent…… 

SIZE: 2 sticks

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How to

Light and burn Palo Santo, as any incense stick.

Let it burn for a few seconds until it forms charcoals and then blow out the flame.

Its intense perfume is renowned for its healing and spiritual powers.

The stick can be reused several times.



Palo Santo Wood naturally harvested, respecting local traditions and communities. It contains essential oils.


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