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Clear Quartz Double Terminated Crystal


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The great healer, perfect for balancing

If you were to introduce one crystal in your life, introduce this one.

Clear quartz: The most important stone to have of all stones because it is colorless, it can be substituted for any other stone. The most powerful healer and energy amplifier its superior high vibration can be used to amplify other stones used in beauty or treatment, like Face rollers or Gua Shas

Clear Quartz is a soul cleanser and can help through any mental, emotional, physical or spiritual dilemmas by helping give you balance, focus and clarity.

This stone is great to cleanse your aura and to unblock your chakras. It can support through difficult times that might cause you physical, mental, emotional or spiritual problems. It is also great to give mental clarity.

Clear crystal is a perfect mix of Yin and Yang as it is perfectly defined by both the fire and the water elements.

SIZE: 5-8cm circa
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How to

Put your clear crystal wherever you wish to bring balance and mental clarity. Wear it or keep it in your purse to always benefit from its energy.

In case of physical pain, put it onto the hurting part of your body.

Keep it in your hands while you meditate to have a deeper, higher experience and to stay better in the moment.


You can wash it with water, avoiding any salt or cleaner.
You can recharge it under the moon light.

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Clear quartz.

Marbling: Unique in each stone, with rainbow colorations depending on the angle of light that hits the angle.

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