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Brasilian rose quartz Gua Sha


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An exquisite beauty tool for your daily facial at home. Discover the natural botox treatment coming from Asia.

Eastern style botox? We’re totally in!

Facial Gua Sha comes from an ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine healing technique from which it takes its name: Gua Sha. Gua stays for “scratching” and Sha stays for “Heat”. TCM believes that inflammations, tensions and different related health problems can be supported and healed by scratching some specific areas of our bodies with a flat stone or tool in order to bring out and release heat.

When applied to beauty, this massage technique deeply relaxes facial muscles while stimulating both blood and lymphatic flow. This stimulation immediately results into a more relaxed appearance. It instantly de-puffs and tones skin while promoting the healthiest glow. And this is how it’s gained the name of “Eastern botox”!

Gua Sha has been the best kept beauty secret for generations of Chinese Empresses and has first caught the attention of Western culture during the Seventies, before its booming in the last few years.

Facial Gua Sha is an authentic beauty inside out ritual that acts as a natural antiageing treatment. It is a holistic treatment many lean on to clarify their complexion, decrease dryness and acne and oiliness by increasing blood circulation. Gua sha can help address the root of aging that topical products cannot; it increases circulation, decreases muscle tension, and helps move the lymphatic fluid while giving an almost immediate lift and radiant glow.

The ergonomic design was hand carved to adapt to the shape and contours of the face used to perform a relaxing decongesting facial massage. This little unique tool is for professional or at home use and is an excellent addition to any routine to help making facial features appear more youthful and well rested.

Gua Sha Benefits

· Anti-aging

· Firms facial muscles

· Smoothens out skin

· Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

· Improves dark circles

· Reduces eye and facial puffiness

· Lightens age spots and skin discolorations

· Helps clear complexion

· Reduces acne breakouts

· Helps with dry and oily skin

· Increases glow and radiance

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How to

Massage clean face and neck with a generous amount of beauty oil or extra rich moisturising cream.
If you jump this step your Facial Gua Sha massage won’t be working at all as the tool needs to easily slide onto your skin.
Each movement needs to be repeated between 5 and 10 times.
This Brazilian Rose quartz Gua Sha tool is heart shaped and features a long concave side, a long convex side and a short concave side on the top of the heart in between two of the three total round edges.
Start your Facial Gua Sha beauty ritual from the back of your neck with bottom to top movements that start at the base of the neck and end at the hairline. Use the top side of your stone. Now the sides of the neck, from your collarbone to the ear, 1 side at time. Finish with the front of your neck, following the line of your throat, from the bottom up to the chin. Do not press the stone at all but be super light as the neck is full of delicate blood vessels.
Now focus on your jawline. Use the long concave side of your Gua Sha and go from the center of your chin to your ear following the bone. Use a finger of your free hand to hold skin in the middle of your chin. Treat the other side.
Time for your cheeks and cheekbone. Use the same part of the stone as before and move from the angle of your mouth outwards, up to the outer corner of your eye. You will relax and treat all the area with gentle movements. Hold your skin from your cupid arch.
Use one of the rounded top edges of your Gua Sha to treat the under eye area with one movement going from your inner eye corner to the outer eye corner, with a very soft pressure. Repeat on the other side.
With the same part of the stone run through your eyebrow, from the inside corner to the outside corner.
Focus on your forehead with the longer convex side of the tool. Massage the center, from the area between your eyes and up to your hairline. Do the same also on each side, from the bottom up.
Complete your Facial Gua Sha with a few pressures on some key acupuncture points of your face that will elevate this ritual and transform it in a real beauty inside out treatment.
Put the two upper edges of your heart shaped stone in the centre of your forehead, in between the inner side of your eyebrows. Gently press 5 to 10 times.
Put one of  the rounded edges at the base of your nose, beside your nostril, one side a a time.
Now find a little concave point right under your cheekbone. To be sure you’re pressing the right point, find it by going 2/3 cm lower from the center of your eye.
Last two points are in your mouth area: one on top of your cupid arch, under your nose, and the other under your lower lip, un top of your chin.
Finish by repeating the same initial movements on the neck but this time go from top to bottom to promote optimum drainage.
Before you put your Gua Sha away, clean it with a soft muslin or cloth.
Remember to recharge rose quartz natural (healing) energy by exposing it under sun rays for a few hours, at least once a month.
In order to achieve visible results, use your Gua Sha daily.
Avoid it in presence of rosacea, wounds or if yu’re experiencing headaches.


Rose Quartz because…

…Why not choose something for your skin that has stood the test of time?

Rose quartz has been used since ancient times across many civilizations for its anti-aging and healing properties.
In Egypt women ground up the rose quartz stone and applied it on their face as a part of their beauty regimen.
It is said Cleopatra bathed with rose quartz crystals, and pharaohs wore it as a pendant to balance their energy.

Quartz beauty tools have also been used in Chinese culture since the 7th century for their ability to promote youth.

This hand carved rose quartz facial Gua Sha can treat your skin inside & out by the soothing quartz vibrations in combination with the massaging action in strategic directions on the face.

Rose Quartz rejuvenates your skin on a cellular level from the gentle potent aura it exerts, helps release stress, anxiety and balances all matters of the heart.  Its calming energy can bring deep inner healing and self love and is excellent for those who want to surround themselves with giving and receiving love. On a physical level due its anti-inflammatory properties from the minerals in rose quartz such as aluminum, iron, titanium, manganese it can help calm redness from acne or other minor skin issues and help treat different skin concerns.

DISCLAIMER: The information provided on this Website is for informational purposes only; it cannot therefore be used for diagnostic purposes and does not constitute professional advice or recommendation. Read the full disclaimer.

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