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the perfect tool for ceremonial grade matcha green tea

The Chasen is traditionally used for Japanese tea ceremonies and essential for traditional Matcha green tea preparation, assuring a smooth and frothy Matcha tea.

This whisk is made of one piece of natural bamboo. It is made by slicing its stalk into very thin strips to create bristles, which are cured inward. Some wooden tines are bunched together in the centre and the base is then tied with string.

This amazing method of production has been passed down through generations and tradition continues to the present day, as these tools are still handmade.

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How to

To make Matcha Tea the traditional way, use a high-quality product, like OMGTEAs ceremonial Matcha.

For its preparation, Matcha requires hot water, but not boiling (around 60 – 80 degrees) and has to be whipped up with the bamboo Chasen.

Try to trace straight lines, a sort of “W” pattern, until a layer of foam forms at the surface.

Your Matcha tea is ready. Enjoy!


100% Bamboo wood

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