Tea parties – a summer hack (you haven’t thought of)

“The first cup moistens my lips and throat, the second

cup breaks my loneliness, the third cup searches my barren

entail but to find therein some five thousand volumes of

odd ideographs. The fourth cup raises a slight perspiration

all the wrong of life passes away through my pores. “

Lu T’ung


The Lolita heart-shaped sunnies season has finally arrived. We’ve already started writing our to-read-under-the-sun lists, we’ve fetched our hats and floral dresses out from under our beds and cellars, and we’re guilty for dreaming of an assortment of fruits laying on our picnic blankets — every second of the day. 

We don’t want to be killjoys, really, and yet, have you thought about the red-cheek & sweat combo that often chaperones our picnic plans at 35ºC? If you have, we’re here to remind you of the top life hack to cool down, regardless of what your armpits might already be telling you. 

Ok, ok, without further ado, we’re talking about a warm cup of tea, but don’t leave us just yet!

Why you should go for of a warm cuppa instead of iced-everything this Summer

We know that the least thing you dream of doing is having a warm cup of tea during summer, but do face the facts: the more you sweat, the cooler your body will feel. Iced drinks will not only help you momentarily but will tighten your blood vessels, increasing the heat feeling you (so much) want to get rid of. 

Instead, warm drinks will allow the nerves in your mouth and your upper digestive system to stimulate your brain to create more sweat, cooling your body down almost immediately for a longer period of time, while balancing your inner temperature with the outer (and sunny) one. 


If you’re not sold yet, we point you toward green tea

(choose from our organic selection)

You probably already have a sense of how the heat takes a toll on your body; you’re always feeling heavy and weary after a long day under the sun, and binge-watching back in bed is no longer an option because your eyelids are dropping like it’s hot

Well, green tea is here to save the day. Below, the top five reasons why it works:

    • Vitamins and minerals: summer not only leaves you groggy, but it also makes you lose your appetite. Green tea is nutritious enough to give you a little extra hand on that business. 
    • It’s packed specifically with Vitamin C: you already know it. Hello, immune system. 
    • Catechin: a powerful antioxidant that will improve the density and elasticity of your skin to keep sun damage at bay. 
  • Iron: if you drink a cup of green within two hours of having a meal, it will be easier for your body to absorb iron — a much needed treat these days as iron fights fatigue. 
  • Green tea is minimally oxidised: meaning it has a cooling effect in your body, even if you choose to drink it cold (this, according to Chinese Traditional Medicine).

A few extra tips you might need to be reminded of

  • Dehydration will rise up your body temperature, so keep a bottle of water close at all times!
  • It’s not all green. For extra tasteful options go for Peppermint or Jasmine tea — both have a cooling effect on your body. 
  • For a quick energy rescue try our Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee with Cordyceps. It will lift you up!
  • Sunscreen, please. Always. 

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