We already mentioned we are super-fan of Matcha tea at Plentiness, right? That’s because it’s delicious and good for you, inside-out. For our site we picked Organic Matcha Green Tea and we interviewed the founder, Katherine Swift.

OMGtea - powder

P: Why matcha?

KS: I found Matcha during my mothers battle with stage 3 breast cancer back in 2010. Upon learning how beneficial Matcha can be at fighting disease, due to the high level of antioxidants, I set about finding the highest quality green tea leaves. I found these in Japan. Matcha was introduced into Japanese culture 800 years ago by the zen buddhist monks who used it to help them meditate for longer due to the unique combination of the amino acid L-theanine and caffeine which focus and energise the mind in one go. Matcha contains approximately 130 x the catechin EGCg than regular green tea. EGCg is the antioxidant linked to fighting cancer and other age related diseases.

P: How did you find your supplier, and why are they so special?

KS: Finding the perfect Matcha took substantial effort, time and research. I tried and tested many Matcha before I settled on the perfect grade that I believed would be the most beneficial for mum’s health. I source our Matcha from a tea farm in Kagoshima, Japan. We have an fantastic relationship with our Matcha farmers and have spent time with them in Japan to immerses ourselves in all that is Matcha.

P: We love female entrepreneurs, when did you decided to turn your idea into a business and open Organic Matcha Green Tea?

KS: I had no intention of setting up a green tea business it all happened when I decided I wanted to do something positive to help when my mum was diagnosed, in a very serendipitous way I was connected in business to the Chairman of Breakthrough Breast Cancers North West Appeal (Now Breast Cancer Now) and through him and involved in the appeal and in supporting the ground breaking research of one of the world’s leading genetic & cell biologists. This research highlighted the benefits of antioxidants in our diets. I felt so passionate about Matcha’s  potential curative effect that I founded OMGTea.

P: What are the 3 things you love most about matcha?

The way it makes you feel, happy, calm and ready to tackle the day!
The smooth, sweet, vegetal taste,
How healthy it is for my body and mind.

P: What’s your favourite Matcha recipe?

KS: Do you want the truth? If I’m feeling good, I like my Matcha straight, the traditional way, OMGTea’s AAA+ or AAA with 80C water whisked to perfection. But if I’m feeling naughty, I get excited about Matcha ice cream.


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