As we move quickly through the new season, the temperature is getting lower and the leaves are starting to change colour. On top of that, the great big source of vitamin D in the sky is claiming it’s power back giving us just enough to make the wonderful summer months a distant memory which we will, no doubt, long for throughout winter.

But all is not lost as we have been busy bees over the summer and have worked hard to source some of the most amazing products that will take you through the gloomy winter months in style. Keeping yours in optimal shape and in high spirits.

Medicinal mushrooms article

Our relentless quest for natural supplements that empower you to live your own version of an exquisite conscious lifestyle has led us to the world of adaptogens and medicinal mushrooms. These are substances that are often found in certain fungi. They are frequently used in herbal medicine to promote an overall state of homeostasis. These wonderful ingredients prime the body allowing it to cope much better with different types of stress.

We have tried and tested a number of products with the intention of giving you the best and most potent adaptogenic options out there. The four main medicinal mushrooms that stood out for us were the Chaga, Cordyceps, Reishi and Lion’s Mane.

To better understand these wonderful fungi we dove deep into research to give you the full low down on these babies, comprehensive knowledge of their individual “superpowers” and the positive impact on the human body. We also thought it would be a good idea to put together our top picks so you can try them for yourself.

medicinal mushrooms chaga

A top list of our favourite medicinal mushrooms

The Chaga mushroom

The Chaga mushroom typically grows on birch trees throughout the Northern hemisphere. It has been used since ancient times by Siberian Russian Shamans as well as by the Japanese, who very appropriately named it, “the mushroom of immortality”. And also “the diamond of the forest”.

This medicinal royalty is one of the most powerful antioxidants in the world, that has anti-inflammatory and cholesterol-lowering properties as well as supporting your immune system to do what it does best. In addition to that, it helps your body adjust to stressful situations and slows the ageing process.

We are in love with this concentrated Chaga Mushroom Elixir that is enriched with other antioxidants to support your immune system and fight the free radicals efficiently. Drink a cup every morning for a proper start to the day and a boost in your physical stamina.

medicinal mushroom chaga

The cordyceps mushroom

This quirky fungus lives in China and grows on certain caterpillars, normally in the high mountain regions. I know what you may be thinking…EW gross! But fear not! Nowadays most supplements use laboratory-grown Cordyceps. Which means you still get the full benefits of this wonderful fungus without the yuck factor attached to it.

This fungus includes over 400 different species and is used to manage blood sugar levels, to support heart health and to boost your immune system. It can also help offset fatigue, increase athletic performance and resolve libido issues. The best way to consume it is by dissolving one sachet of the Cordyceps Elixir into a cup of hot water and enjoying its potent effects on your body and mood.

medicinal mushrooms cordyceps

Lion’s Mane & Reishi mushroom duo

Last but not least we have the Lion’s Mane and Reishi duo. These two have amazing superpowers on their own but together they are life-changing. They are both part of Chinese and Japanese cultures and have been used as food staples for hundreds of years.

The Reishi mushroom is a dynamic superfood that grows on hardwood such as Maple, Oak and plum trees in the wild, whereas Lion’s Mane prefers decaying Walnut and Beechwood. They are both being used as “tonic herbs” in Chinese medicine and have incredible health benefits. Together they tackle issues of the peripheral and central nervous system, helps relieve mild symptoms of depression and anxiety as well as increasing your energy and immune system functions. Buddhist Shaolin monks have been using it in their meditation practices because they believe it enhanced their concentration power and allowed them to tap into the pool of ancient wisdom.

Medicinal mushrooms: the Grown product family

Although you can consume these raw, cooked or steeped in tea, we prefer a much simpler approach that fits in with a busy lifestyle. The wonderful team at GROWN have developed three tonics that can easily be incorporated into your daily routine.

medicinal mushroom grown family

The GROWN Morning Adaptogen has an energising effect, relieving your body of fatigue without the need for stimulants such as coffee; the GROWN Mushroom Tonic has a balancing effect and was designed to strengthen and support your natural defences and lastly the GROWN Evening Adaptogen has a calming effect on the body which makes it a great addition to your wind down evening routine.

All you need is a dropperful of these beauts in your tea or smoothie every day and you will be feeling the amazing effects in a couple of weeks.

medicinal mushroom grown ritual

These are some of the many adaptogens we can find in nature in the form of fungi or otherwise and we are super excited about being able to have access to them and also being able to share the knowledge and the love with you too.

We have loved trying all of the above and are very curious to know which ones you liked the most and which ones benefited you the most. So head on over to our Instagram page and let us know your thought!


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