The changing of seasons, though sometimes tough on our bodies, helps us remember just how cyclical we are in nature by giving us that little outside kick that allows us to regenerate from within. 

It’s the time of the year in which we shed off layers of clothes, open our windows and begin a (renewed) relationship with nature — either by welcoming it gladly, or by having to make an effort — but even if some of us aren’t enthusiastic about warmer weather, it can be a welcome change to our daily routines.

Adjusting to change from the inside out

Spring brings with it an extra hour of sunlight and a rise in temperature that affects our metabolism, immune system, sleep cycle and energy levels. For the less fortunate among us, increased levels of pollen will leave us feeling a little sniffly (or a very sniffly in some cases!)

In the midst of any transition, we risk an imbalance as our bodies adjust to external changes.  Fortunately, we’ve put together an array of powerful powders and supplements to help you reclaim your strength.

Behold: new season of superfoods that will surprise and delight you. From restorative adaptogens to herbal infusions, read on to find out more about their many benefits, as well as how you can incorporate them into your diet. Trust us, your body will take it with gusto…


1. The balancing tonic

Brain-boosting and nutrient-dense, this Balancing Tonic by GROWN tops our list. With a mix of eight types of adaptogen mushrooms that will help both your body and mind resist fatigue and stress that come with the reverse seasonal affective blues we mentioned. Mix the content of one sachet in a cup of hot water, as for instant coffee or tea. Or make an adaptogenic potion by adding it to your smoothie or your choice of milk.


2. The revitalising elixir

Looking to feel revitalised? Four Sigmatic’s Cordyceps Elixir is rich in natural steroids to boost your libido, mental and athletic performance. Use in your smoothie for an ‘espresso style’ post-workout wonder. It hits the spot after a long day.


3. The soothing cuppa

The Mushroom hot cacao with reishi, on the other hand, is an anti-stress tonic that you can cosy up with and unwind after a long day, while helping your digestion and balancing your hormone levels on the side.


4. The herbal hero

Warmer weather may leave you feeling a little more on the fatigued side - especially if you’re commuting to work in the heat or are suffering from allergies. Gynostemma Tea, a soothing herbal bliss, will specifically increase your resistance to environmental stress, allowing you to stay active. Enjoy a cuppa at any time of the day.


5. A daily dose of Matcha

Coming out of hibernation mode that kept us binge-watching, binge-sleeping and binge-eating requires some cleansing work. So, it’s time you get acquainted with the power of green in a capsule. Enjoy all the benefits of a cup of green tea (like this ceremonial grade heaven by KIKI HEALTH), but without the need to reach for the kettle: OMGTEA Matcha capsules are ideal for when you’re on the go and in need of a pick-me-up.  


6. The hay-fever saviour

Our organic golden turmeric powder is gorgeous and directly sourced from small farms in Sri Lanka. If you’re feeling inspired and in need of a spice kick, make a batch of golden milk – a frothy turmeric-based drink that is naturally anti-inflammatory and antioxidant will be your saviour for those hay-fever induced headaches.


7. The balancing aloe

These aloe pure vegicaps are equally compelling — and not to be taken longer than 4 days. Packed with B vitamins, calcium and polysaccharides, they will uplift your immune system and energy levels while balancing the bacteria in your gut. It’s an instant hero for the sore belly.


8. The best maintenance tool

Lastly, to keep a stable PH and your vitamin C levels high during Spring this Alkaline Infusion will do the trick for your general wellbeing (and your skin, teeth and bones will thank you). Add 2 teaspoons in your juices or smoothies. If you’re in a hurry or want an easy fix, just add it to a glass of water.



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