Will tidying up your house really help you get your life in order, as suggested by Marie Kondo?
We read her book and applied her method to our wardrobes, kitchens and then the rest of our houses to see for ourselves if her famous theory really works.

marie kondoThe first thing we’ve learnt is that reorganising isn’t that easy. You need a strategy, initiative and plenty of courage.

The Marie Kondo method: where to start from

Often the reason for the mess is that we simply own too much stuff. According to the Japanese guru, to live a happy life we have to rid ourselves of objects that no longer bring us inherent joy. Which is why the first step in this magical art is “decluttering”: getting rid of useless things we don’t use anymore with the help of a special technique.

Deciding what to keep and what to get rid of is based on the amount of joy an item gives you. Touching it and remembering what it says to or about you. This rule is then applied to every category in the house. Clothes, books (so difficult!), beauty products, random objects, memorabilia, and all the other brick-a-brack we pick up on the way.

In the beginning we found it hard to let go of objects. Often, even if we don’t use something anymore, we try to keep it with some common excuses. We tell ourselves they costed a fortune. Or gifted by someone. Or perhaps we convince ourselves that we might just use them again in the future.

This book explains  in detail how to get over so many conundrums that we usually run into while tidying up. 

The next step – never to be done before the decluttering phase – is to reorganise your spaces and put everything in order effectively. 

Marie Kondo: the secret to a tidy house

Marie Kondo’s secret is to keep a room ordered and simple. You have to be able to see what is inside your wardrobes, draws and other storage spaces at a glance. This is important because it helps us to remember exactly what we own and where it is.
There are just two rules. First is to keep everything belonging to the same category in the same place. Second rule is don’t leave or keep things in lots of different places.

The book goes into detail about how and where to keep every type of item, how to fold them, how to use them and how to treat them.

Marie Kondo explains how many of her clients, after radically reorganising their houses, were also able to give their personal lives a drastic overhaul.

The final part of this massive makeover is meant to help readers understand who they are and what they really want. Reorganisation has a magical power and can help people totally change their lives.
This isn’t just about emptying out the odd drawer. Tidying up brings you face to face with questions about why you might not want to clean it out and why certain objects have such a hold over us. Even if we really don’t need them anymore.

Often the reason behind it is an attachment to the past or a fear of the future.
Both can be painful but it’s better to face it rather than bury it in the back of a wardrobe, right?

Reorganising your whole house will take time and energy.
But we can tell you we felt an amazing sense of liberation and lightness right after starting.

As far as the second part goes, we’ll have to let you know….we’re still working on it!




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