Hygge Night

Our idea of a hygge night is full of our favourite hot drinks, candles, incenses, Palo Santo and a line-up of skincare heroes to love and treat our skin. Discover our selection of must-have products below!

    • Kiki Health

      Premium organic matcha tea


      Kiki Health Premium Matcha tea is grown and produced in Tokyo following traditional techniques.

      Only the youngest, most tender leaves are picked in each spring harvest. They are shadow grown to stimulate chlorophyll growth. They are then milled into a fine powder to create an ultra fine, vibrant green powder.

      Thanks to the special conditions and growing techniques this Matcha is smooth and mellow, with a subtle aroma.

      It is naturally packed with high levels of vitamins and minerals that contribute to a wide range of health and wellness benefits.

    • Grown

      Gynostemma Tea – Invigorating & Soothing


      A dual directional herb, Gynostemma helps invigorate the body and combat fatigue by supporting the body’s natural immune system. This soothing digestive aid actively protects against a number of stress factors known to compromise long-term health.


      Use of adaptogens, like gynostemma, help improve one’s ability to build resistance to trauma, anxiety and fatigue when consumed on a regular basis.


      This product is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

      Do not use during pregnancy & breastfeeding. 

    • OMGTea, OMGTea

      Organic Matcha Green Tea AAA+


      Not all teas are made equal. OMGTEA’s AAA+ Grade is the top product of this Company and it’s a ceremonial tea.

      This highest quality product is the result of the most elaborate harvest techniques: it is harvested by hand, just once per year and it is produced selecting only the finest leaves.

      That’s why this Matcha Green Tea has a unique taste, with its rich and delicate flavour.

      This authentic Matcha Gren Tea will set your taste buds racing.

    • Four Sigmatic, Four Sigmatic

      Mushroom coffee mix with Chaga e Lion’s Mane


      Several studies have highlighted that many species of mushrooms have impressive benefits on our brain, endocrine system, immunity system, mood, energy levels…the list goes on!

      Their popularity has been growing over the last couple years and it’s become always easier to find them in our favourite shops or Instagram feeds. Wonder if we have already tried them? OF COURSE!
      Our favourite brand is Four Sigmatic, a Californian company that specialises in superfoods, medicinal mushrooms and adaptogens. We purchase their Mushroom Coffee mix on the regular!

      Good like a coffee with added benefits: it contains Chaga and Lion’s Mane.

      Chaga is ultra rich in antioxidants and is a great inflammation fighter + it increases energy levels.

      Lion’s Mane is considered one of the best natural brain-boosters available: stimulates memory and creativity, supports focus, boosts mental clarity.

      Try them next time you need a real, effective pick me up!

    • Four Sigmatic, Four Sigmatic

      Mushroom Hot Cacao with Reishi


      The unique combo of herbs and spices in this hot cocoa is an upgrade on guilt-free hot chocolate.

      Unwind in the afternoon or evening with our special cacao blend with reishi mushrooms to support occasional stress and restful sleep.


      Just 25 calories per serving

      Vegan – no fillers -non-GMO – low GI

    • Four Sigmatic, Four Sigmatic

      Mushroom Coffee with Cordyceps


      It’s been studied that several species of fungi can have vere beneficial effects on human brain, endocrine system, immune system, mood, energy and much more

      These species are also known as medicinal mushrooms or adaptogenic mushrooms. They have been appreciated and widely use in pharmacology for years and today they are finally available in different forms that are very easy to incorporate into our everyday life.

      An excellent way to benefit their healthy qualities is to mix them on the regular with our favourite drinks. What’s better than a cup of coffee with benefits, then?

      Mushroom Coffee Mixes by Four Sigmatic offer a simple, effective and tasty way to get the fungi experience daily. 

      Just mix the content of a sachet with hot water and enjoy it.

      Mushroom Coffee with Cordyceps is a blend made with Cordyceps, Chaga and Siberian Ginseng. An explosive recipe of beneficial adaptogens that targets your energetic needs. This mix is particularly suggested to support your stamina and athletic performance. Plus, Cordyceps is also chock-full of antioxidants!

    • Incausa, Incausa

      Bath and meditate set – small


      Set composed by an handmade soap, 4 incense and a Palo Santo stick. The soap, hand wrapped with Traditional Nepalese Lokta paper, is a blend of 100% natural ingredients and it is produced in small batches. A cold processed soap with 15 essential oils, resembling an herbs sauna.

      This exquisite soap is bundled with traditional incense sticks: Chacrona & Jagube, White Wild Sage and Palo Santo wooden sticks.

      Incausa is the Company behind this products line for ritual and meditation practice inspired by ancient traditions. Incausa works with a small community of Indigenous artisans, managing its business according to ethical and sustainable values.


    • Wunderworkshop, Wunderworkshop

      Golden Glow


      Are you looking for a glowing skin? Beauty starts from the inside!

      This special blend of Turmeric, maca, brahmi and Siberian Ginseng is rich in vitamins and antioxidants, which help your skin looking radiant.

      But if you want to look radiant, it’s not just about caring for your skin on the surface. For example, we all look fabulous, when we’re feeling good inside. The blend of superfoods contained in Golden Glow help you inside-out.

      They help you fighting stress and to expel toxins from the body, stimulating regenerative processes.

      Endorsed by nutritionist Chantal Di Donato.

    • Incausa

      Breu Resin Stick


      Breuzinho is a resin extracted by indigenous people from the Almacega tree of the Amazon rainforest.

      Regarded as sacred, it is still used by local native people in healing rituals, to ward off dark spirits. Create your own ritual at home, to connect with yourself and to attract positive energy.  

      This resin has a purifying and aromatic scent, smelling like woods and tropical forest. Breu’s resin is renowned for its anti-inflammatory, analgesic, calming and gastroprotective properties. It is good for respiratory problems, stomach pain and for liver, improving your mental performances and acuity.

    • Incausa

      Wild white sage


      White Sage (Salvia Apiana) is an evergreen shrub, growing in the desert, in the area between South California and Mexico. It is held sacred and it has been used for thousands of years among Native Americans in cleansing rituals and in Shamanic smudging ceremonies.

      White Sage cleanses rooms and persons of unwanted and negative energy, soothes the mind and make it calmer.

      When burned, the leaves release their beneficial properties. In fact, the smoke from white sage is used by the North American Indians for smudging ceremonies and for invoking good luck and prosperity.

      We like to use White Sage when we feel mentally overwhelmed and when we have a lack of energy. A “Me Time” enjoying this ritual.

      In addition to the energetic effects, White Sage releases negative ions, very important to keep a correct balance of positive and negative ions in the air. The excess of positive ions in everyday modern life may affect our health.

    • Grown Alchemist, Grown Alchemist

      Detox Night Cream: Peptide-3, Echinacea & Reishi Extract


      This advanced Night Cream is formulated with a unique blend of Peptides, Echinacea, Vitamins, Hyaluronic Acid and Essential Omega Fatty Acids that detox and regenerate the skin.

      Use this silky cream to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

      Transform the texture of your complexion while you sleep and look fresh, radiant and naturally beautiful.

    • Nucifera

      The Balm

       19,00 39,00

      A multi-tasking product, both for globetrotters and for a minimalist beauty routine.

      A cleansing balm, extremely versatile, which dissolves makeup, protects the lips, hydrates the body skin, soothes and repairs heels and cuticles, nourishes the scalp and the hair. Helps to maintain the skin healthy. Also, it protects and improves skin elasticity, thanks to the precious mix of vegetal oils and plants butter, which are cold-pressed and keep therefore their whole content of Vitamins, Omega and fatty acids.

    • Alex Carro

      Multiuse Balm 5/5


      Skin SoS? It may happen, especially in extreme weather conditions.

      Multiuse Balm by Alex Carro is the answer. A little treasure that immediately and visibly repairs, soothe and hydrates parched skin and chipped lips.

      A unique softness that’s effortless and simple finally fitting in your pocket. Precious botanicals like Moroccan Argan Oil, Calendua, Neroil and Shea butter imbue our balm with the nutrient rich, sumptuous luxury skin and lips need to look their absolute best.

      You can create a beautiful lips scrub for extremely dehydrated and chipped lips. Mix a little quantity of Multiuse Balm and Exfoliating Powder and blend them in the palm of your hand. Massage gently onto your lips. Leave it for 5 minutes and rinse carefully. Apply a thing layer of Balm. Your lips will feel and look soft, plump and hydrated.

    • Alex Carro, Alex Carro

      Mix & Glow kit


      Keep your skin healthy and glowing with an easy, essential skincare routine with these three natural, sophisticated, unisex and effective heroes.

      You can use them separately or mix them to create personalised treatments. Bring them always with you, especially in your travels.

      The Mix and Glow kit includes

    • Plant Apothecary, Plant Apothecary

      MATCHA Antioxidant Face Mask


      If you, like us, love matcha tea or latte, you will definitely adore this face mask!


      This amazing blend of clay and organic matcha powdered green tea has great purifying and antioxidant properties.


      Soothes sore skin and knocks out free radicals. It contains chamomile essential oil, used for thousands of years to calm sore and inflamed skin.


      Another good reason, why we love Plant Apothecary, a Company based in Brooklyn, is because it develops excellent products with a contemporary design concept in partnership with a nonprofit organisation, which gives support to mentally and physically disabled adults.

    • Grown Alchemist, Grown Alchemist

      Deep Cleansing Masque: Wheatgerm, Ginkgo & Cranberry


      Not your average clay mask!


      Enriched with powerful ingredients, this product deeply cleanses the skin, lifting impurities and detoxifying it.


      It improves skin tone and leaves the skin fresh and smooth, while reducing puffiness, decongesting and revitalizing it.

    • Myevooskin

      98 Body oil – Ultra nourishing


      98 Body Oil is an ultra-nutritious oil made with the finest cold presses Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Tuscany – Italy.
      It’s formula contains 98% of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

      The blend is enriched with precious Mediterranean ingredients: Bitter Almond food grade oil and Myrtle, Juniper + Sweet Orange essential oils. The ingredients work together to hydrate, nurture and soothe skin while providing an invigorating, energising effect. It stimulates peripheral blood circulation and it is a potent anti-inflammatory.

      The delicate fragrance penetrates your senses leaving you relaxed and in a total state of wellbeing.

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