Mario Lorenzin dal 1975

Mario Lorenzin is the eponymous brand founded by the Treviso barber in 1975 to celebrate the launch of his Radicchio hair lotion, the product that would have made him famous all over the world. In the early 2000 his production expanded to include a grooming, body and hair collection.

In 2016 the brand Mario Lorenzin dal 1075 has been re-launched by the founder’s heirs. In 2017 they introduce a new organic range: a beautifully formulated and crafted line that is 100% artisanal and Made in Italy.

    • Mario Lorenzin dal 1975

      Carisma Shampoo for Man


      Looking for strong, healthy and lustrous hair? Carisma is the answer!

      This energising, hydrating and deeply cleansing shampoo has been specifically developed for men’s hair.

      A beautifully crafted, natural product that is free from additives and harsh chemicals. It’s suitable for all hair types and so gentle that you can use it daily. Last but not least, it progressively normalises sebum production.

      Combine it with Rinascita hair lotion for healthy, full and strong hair.

    • Mario Lorenzin dal 1975

      Bellezza shampoo for Women


      Bellezza has been created with women’s hair in mind. Its gentle formula is perfect for frequent use and especially suitable post-workout.

      This product maintains lipid balance in the scalp thanks to its iso-epidermal formula, clinically similar to the skin. It removes greasiness while gradually normalising sebum production. Its pH is also naturally similar to the scalp’s and it doesn’t irritate the surface layers of the epidermis.

      Combine Bellezza Shampoo with Rinascita Radicchio Lotion for unparalleled healthy hair and scalp.

    • Mario Lorenzin dal 1975

      Rinascita radicchio lotion


      Rinascita hair lotion is a hydroalcoholic infusion made with traditional herbal techniques. Its formula comes from an ancient recipe discovered and improved by Mario Lorenzin in 1975. Its main ingredient is radicchio, a variety of chicory that is particularly rich in minerals, vitamins and nutrients with exceptional benefits for the health of hair and scalp.

      The slightly vintage allure of this lotion has conquered our hearts even before we could dive into its simple and clean inci. It is free of chemicals, industrial extracts, preservatives and synthetic fragrances. The formula is made with alcohol abstracted from vegetal ingredients. A mixture of radicchio and other herbs is put in special tanks for over 90 days and processed while undergoing cold infusion. The lotion, when decanted and filtered, is saturated in vitamins, mineral salts, amino acids and trace elements: active ingredients derived naturally from the fresh vegetable.

      What are the benefits of Rinascita hair lotion?
      It creates the conditions needed by the scalp to regain its balance and function, reducing hair loss while re-establishing the normal life cycle of the hair, resulting in natural regrowth and vigour. Regular treatment provides nourishing elements that are essential for the germination of hair follicles. It slows down hair loss: baldness recedes and hair thickens. Dandruff and scalp dermatitis usually disappear in a matter of weeks.

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