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Hydrea London is a luxurious bodycare brand that has always put ethical sourcing and manufacture at the forefront of their business.

They focus on producing top quality, functional products and source the finest natural and organic raw materials from around the world. They specialise in FSC® certified wooden products.

    • Hydrea London

      Bristle brush for dry brushing


      Let us introduce you our favourite beauty tool for the body!

      An absolute must-have to awaken your lymphatic system it stimulates microcirculation and deeply exfoliates skin, without stripping it.

      Use it every morning on dry skin just before getting into the shower. Dry brushing will just take five minutes of your time but you will be blown by the results in just a few days! Your whole body will look softer and glowing, your skin will feel firmer and healthier.

      Among its several benefits (you can read more about them in this article) we love its terrific capacity to detox, energise and exfoliate.

      Very Important Thing: it visibly decreases water retention and improves the oxygenation of tissues. Its detox qualities will also support your immunity system and hormonal balance. It also reduces inflammation by decreasing body acidity: boost this action by taking a daily dose of Alkaline Infusion.

      P.s. Did we mention this is one of our most powerful weapons to wake up in the morning and fight cellulite?

    • Hydrea London

      Abalone Shell


      A beautiful sustainably sourced mother of pearl shell that can be used to burn Palo Santo and smudging.

      Traditionally, smudging is a ritual performed prior to a ceremony to clear out any negative energies. In our contemporary life smudging can be used to clear unwanted or negative energies from a space or to lift your mood.
      Shells are often used in smudging rituals because they are a beautiful gift straight from Mother Earth’s ocean. They have the same energy of the ocean and bring a strong calming and healing power, allowing you to remain connected to the sea, even when you are in the city.

      Each shell has a dazzling layer of mother-of-pearl with a colorful and mesmerizing iridescent effect.




    • Hydrea London

      Japanese body brush


      This Japanese body brush made with Agave Sisaliana natural bristle is what you need for a deeply detoxifying massage.

      We suggest you to use it for your daily dry brushing ritual: it will stimulate your blood and lymphatic circulation and will help you to get rid of toxins and excess water in your body. It will transform your skin providing a smoother, more toned and glowing look.

      On top of its many benefits, you’ll also love its ergonomic shape with a practical handle that will make it easy to brush every part of your body.

      Bring it always with you, also when you travel.

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