Depuravita has a great mission: to bring well-being (that comes from nature) into its clients’ life. If you have tried its cold-pressed juices and detox programs, you already have an idea of ​​the quality and care that this company puts into its products. On Plentiness you can find Depuravita Clean Beauty cosmetics, superfood, supplements and purifying teas, all vegan and certified organic.

Every Depuravita product is the result of a mix of love, fun and research.

    • Depuravita

      Body detox


      Body detox is a beautiful combination of Dead Sea salt and natural oils.

      It gently exfoliates your skin, helping it getting rid of dead cells and revealing a beautiful healthy glow.
      Dead Sea salts are a goldmine of Oligo-elements that help remove excess water and toxins.

      This formula is exceptionally rich in natural oils that soothe, nurture and hydrate the skin, boosting its tone and natural radiance.

      Bitter orange oil supports the skin with its anti-ageing properties while delighting your senses with heavenly citrusy notes. 

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