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Agent Nateur is a results-driven natural beauty company committed to sourcing the most effective, pure, non-gmo, non toxic ingredients from Europe and small suppliers in the United States.

Founded in California by Jena Covello, Agent Nateur is an exquisite, growing collection of skincare products formulated in Grasse, Paris and Los Angeles. The whole line is natural, non-toxic and backed by science.

    • Agent Nateur

      Holi skin body serum


      The first thing that will make you fell as soon as you put a few drops of this body oil onto your hands will be its ultra light texture with a heavenly fragrance.

      This firming anti-cellulite body oil combines natural, non-gmo ingredients that are organic or wild crafted. Each ingredient is sourced from small suppliers who are trustworthy and discreet and ECOCERT*** approved.

      Holi (skin) body serum easily and quickly penetrates to help improve the appearance of tighter, firmer skin, creating the look of contouring. It also helps reduce the look of cellulite to promote the appearance of smooth, hydrated skin.

      Last but not least, it diminishes the appearance of dark spots and acne and helps to fight free radicals.

    • Agent Nateur

      Holi water face toner

      This face tonic has no rivals, beginning from its ultra fresh texture and its beautiful scent.
      An ultra moisturising toner that exfoliates, plumps, tightens, brightens and firms the appearance of the skin while providing a radiant glow.
      Its formula combines the finest non-toxic ingredients from Europe and the middle east to cleanse, hydrate and soften the skin. h o l i ( w a t e r ) helps minimise the appearance of redness, pores, and fine lines. it’s rich content of antioxidants help strengthen the look of the skin and help reduce the appearance of acne. we hope you’ll love it as much as we do!
    • Agent Nateur



      An exclusive blend of wildcrafted, organic and non-GMO ingredients. We chose this oil because it is wonderful and healing for all skin types and ages.

      H o l i ( o i l ) works.  Its light texture is immediately absorbed by skin, providing an instant glow. It minimizes the appearance of redness, unevenness, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation and dark spots. It boosts collagen production and helps fight the effects of free radicals while smoothing the look of the skin.

      “Our mission was to create a hydrating, non-greasy, anti-aging face oil for men and women that provides an incredible glow.  It has tightened and brightened; and corrected the appearance of wrinkles and redness.
      We can’t go a day (or night) withouth o l i ( o i l ) because IT FEELS just as good as it makes you look.
      Whether you are 20 or 60, you won’t be able to go a day without it either.”

    • Agent Nateur



      We’ve been looking for an excellent, pure, non GMO Vitamin C for a long time. Until we found Holi (C) youth skin refining face vitamines by Agent Nateur. How did it convince us? Because of its powder formula, its INCI and proven results. If used consistently, this booster can transform your face skin. It promotes glow, tone and an even complexion. It visibly reduces fine lines, wrinkles, scars and acne. It is very useful to treat rosacea.


      A little bottle of this very powerful powder will go a long way: you’ll only need a pinch of product for each application.

    • Agent Nateur



      Holi Stick Sensitive deodorant is an all natural formula without any aluminium or harmful chemicals that effectively works providing long lasting coverage. Made for the most sensitive skins it is free of irritating ingredients, including baking soda.

      vegan formula with floral and woodsy notes of jasmine, bergamot and sandalwood.

    • Agent Nateur

      Holi Man N5 Deodorant – Unisex


      Holi Man N5 deodorant is an all natural formula without any aluminium or harmful chemicals that effectively works providing long lasting coverage.

      Perfect for unisex fragrances lovers, its exclusive blend is a seductive mix of refreshing and stimulating vetiver, heart opening rose, calming sandalwood, leathery cistus and warm cedarwood.

      N°5 is the number of manifestation, recalling creativity and freedom.

    • Agent Nateur



      Holi Rose N4 deodorant has been created by Agent Nateur in collaboration with Shiva Rose. An all natural formula without any aluminium or harmful chemicals that effectively works providing long lasting coverage.



      A truly sensual and exotic blend of sandalwood and rose essential oils. Its warm and mystical notes that promote feelings of overall love and wellbeing. Sandalwood is a pheromone and acts as a natural deodorant.


      The Number 4 stays for creation and it represents patience, trust, honesty and integrity.

    • Agent Nateur



      This unisex stick deodorant has a wonderful natural formula that is aluminium-free and harmful chemicals-free. Created in 2015 by Agent Nateur’s founder, Jena Covello, it is the winner of the 2016 Glamour Beauty Awards.


      It has a unique unisex fragrance that we love for its slightly sweet and balsamic notes (from lavender and eucalyptus essential oils) that last for hours. 


      The story of Holi Stick N3 is deeply connected with its creator’s. Jena Covello had been looking for the perfect natural, aluminium free deodorant for some time before she realized that none of the existing options were really effective. This is how she decided to create it herself. Holi Stick N3 was born inside her West Hollywood Kitchen and from there, it’s gone a long way through global success thanks to its unparalleled quality and effectiveness.

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