There’s no doubt that each hair style and type requires its own regime, a combination of products plus that TLC only you and your favourite hairdresser give it. Everyone has battled with their tresses in one way or another, but curly locks have long been the ultimate contender for their owners.

In an era where we’re finally honouring curls, where bangs have reclaimed their right to be curly, where baby hair has become fashionable (and not just a nuisance), we take a closer look into the ingredients at the back of our bottles to know what curls actually need to thrive. Read on for our top recommendations.


Ph. Ivana Cajina

Curly hair – beautiful but fragile

Regardless of how big and proud it presents itself, curly hair needs way more attention than its straight counterpart. It tends to be more fragile and prone to dehydration and damage thanks to the very thing that makes it special – the hair fibre’s uneven shape.

Hair needs just as much nourishment as skin does. Curly hair, which is more porous than uncoloured straight hair, is covered by a cuticle layer that is raised and open in parts, allowing (and needing) twice the amount of everything to be absorbed.

It loves rich, nourishing stuff! If the old adage ‘we are what we eat’ applies to our hair as much as it does our bodies, then we should pay more attention to what and how we’re feeding it.

Curly hair essentials – products with the right ingredients for curly hair

We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite products to treat your stressed tresses for beautiful, shiny, bouncy curls in all their glory.  

Shampoos for curly hair

Evolve brings us an all-natural elixir of everything you’ll need to give curls some extra love. It’s got: pomegranate extract for protection against pollutants, aloe for hydration, and baobab proteins for strength (curls love, love, love proteins).

Sort of Coal believe that less is more by using binchotan as the base for all of their products. Free of harmful chemicals, we recommend both Shiro and Kuro (especially if you have more oily roots or dandruff) activated charcoal shampoos for PH balancing and a thorough cleanse without stripping it of its natural occurring oils.

If you’re someone who has to (or likes to) wash their hair frequently, look no further than Mario Lorenzin dal 1975 Bellezza Shampoo. It removes greasiness while gradually normalising sebum production. Its pH is also naturally similar to the scalp’s without irritating the scalp. Maintaining this lipid balance in curly hair is key to keeping it from dehydrating and prevents breakage.

curly hair detail

Ph. Arash Ashgari

Conditioners for curly hair

Exquisite butters and organic natural oils? We’re sold. This Evolve Superfood Conditioner is what dreams are made from.

Balms and sprays for curly hair

The Balm by Nucifera helps keep frizz in check (although there isn’t anything wrong with frizz); a dab of this balm contains organic coconut oil, kokum and mango butter and moringa oil to name but a few – it will nourish, tame and relax your locks.

For a quick fix, The Mist by Nucifera is your curls’ BFF. It’s an all-purpose wonder in a bottle that hydrates, soothes, and purifies everything it reaches: your hair, your face, your yoga mat. Spray for a little boost of magic!


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