Pregnancy can be a beautiful experience for some women, whilst for others it can be very difficult. Even if everything’s going to plan and your morning sickness is kept at bay, there’s a whole host of things that may come as a surprise during and after childbirth: changes to your skin tone; acne; bigger (then smaller) boobs; swelling of the legs, feet and hands… the list is substantial, so we’ll just name a few!

Organic Products for Pregnant and New Mothers main

Organic Products for Pregnant and New Mothers

There’s already so much going on during pregnancy and the subsequent weeks after labor, as you cope with the rather big task of caring for a newborn baby, and understanding how to adapt old self-care / beauty routines to your new situation can feel overwhelming. From knowing what ingredients to avoid to finding the right brands for you (and your baby), it can feel like a dizzying maze.

We’re here to ease your worries – we asked three new and expecting mothers to share the challenges they faced before and after the baby came and their top tips on how to deal with them. Plus, we’ve rounded up the best organic products for pregnant and new mothers based on their recommendations!

Organic Products for Pregnant and New Mothers: beauty during and post-pregnancy

Francesca, Expecting Mother

“Since pregnancy is a hormone roller coaster, the biggest worry is about permanent blemishes you might get on your skin. With my first pregnancy I experienced a clearer complexion then with this second one, but I’m trying not to stress about it. What I’ve noticed so far is a tiny pimple I got on my left cheek a few months ago which I can easily relate to my pregnancy and, no matter what, it is not moving from there!

It can be tough to stay informed and know that you’re making the right choices – every pregnant woman is different and she is subject to changing needs.

Hana, New Mother (3 months)

I was worried about using products that may have hidden chemicals in them that would go into my bloodstream and be harmful to the baby. But I wasn’t very informed on what would and wouldn’t harm him; one of the few things I knew was that I shouldn’t use retinol! I ended up just using mostly natural products anyway and a vitamin c serum.

There’s a lot of conflicting information out there, and personally, I ended just going more natural.

I also enjoyed the benefits of getting that ‘pregnancy glow.’ My hair got gloriously shiny, thick and my skin had never been better. I always used to get bad skin every month, but with pregnancy and breastfeeding it’s been clear! Although hyperpigmentation has been a bit tricky – that got worse with pregnancy for me.”

Sophie, New Mother (2 years)

When I got pregnant, my main concern was about hormones. I was worried that the same products I’ve always used might have a different effect on my skin than prior to pregnancy. I always made sure that I used organic, fragrance free, paraben-free products and avoided any oils that weren’t harmful to babies.

After I had my baby, my skin needed some serious rehydration  – more so than eve. Initially, I put it to hospitals, lack of sleep and (in my case) forgetting to stay hydrated, but my skin definitely needs a thicker and more penetrating moisturizer now to keep it looking healthy!

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Organic Products for Pregnant and New Mothers: Recommendations

Top tips from one mother to another


“It’s totally normal to worry about blemishes – dark spots, pimples or redness you never had before are the most common changes among moms-to-be. Therefore, choosing the right beauty products is crucial. I try to go for natural products and ones that specialize in sensitive skin, avoiding any heavy chemical compound i.e. retinol or exfoliating acid.

My best piece of advice is: seek what’s pure in nature and pamper yourself. Pregnancy is not the right time for corrective and strong treatments. Focus on mindful wellness and nurture your beauty from both the inside and the outside. Embrace the changes!”


Keep it simple and natural. Chill out on the active ingredients, anti-aging agents and powerful creams and acids, at least until you’re finished breastfeeding.

Post-pregnancy, I’ve been using more natural based products, swapping chemical-heavy moisturizers and eye creams for simpler essentials. I love rose water to tone. I go a bit fancier on the serums! I like to spend on good quality vitamin c serums to help improve my hyper-pigmentation issues that got worse with pregnancy!


“It’s hard to know the best approach to things because there’s too much information out there; you just have do your research and go with what works for you.

I would recommend keeping your routine simple. For my face, I wash, exfoliate 2/3 times a week, tone and moisturize daily. I also try to make some time for hydrating facemasks and deep cleansing masks too.

What works for me might not work for everyone else, but I swear by the natural approach as opposed to the chemical approach in anything. You can make the most amazing face creams and face masks from ingredients in your kitchen cupboard/fridge!”

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