Jena Covello is a true force of nature.
She founded Agent Nateur, her own indie beauty brand, in 2015. Her idea of beauty is holistic, a-toxic, anti-ageing and performing. Natural, organic and safe yet strictly backed by science.
The collection today includes 4 natural deodorants, a face oil, a Vitamin C face booster, a body oil, an adaptogenic blend, and a face water.
A whole family of sophisticated products to transform your beauty routine into a true ritual and a multi sensory experience. 

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We think Agent Nateur is a really authentic brand. Jena Covello started to develop products for herself, committed to  remove any potentially harmful ingredient from her life (and her beauty shelf). At the time she had begun to treat her endometriosis and adenomyosis with a holistic approach. Which also meant to cut out cosmetics loaded with toxic substances.

All formulas are handmade by Jena in France and Los Angeles and contain antioxidants that are healing and nourishing. Free of GMO’s, parabens, sulfates, aluminum and petroleum. Each fragrance is elegant and unique.

We fell in love with Agent Nateur and met Jena Covello in Milan -Italy last Summer. We were lucky enough to have a lovely chat with her. Read about it below.

Jena Covello holi rose

How did you go from formulating unique natural Deodorants to developing one of the most coveted natural skincare collection?

Jena Covello: I’ve always been very interested in anti aging products that are effective.
My mom has beautiful skin and always attributed that to Retin-A. I wanted to figure out how to create a non toxic face oil that had a high level of vitamin A so that it would be safe for women who are breast feeding or pregnant.

I went to school for natural cosmetics and fragrances in the south of France and began creating products that I felt were voids.

Once I launched holi oil, I started showing videos on my IG story of how I apply it with extra vitamin c. Everyone asked me where I was getting the dry vitamin c so I decided to launch my own.

Jena Covello holi face

Holi (c): an incredible product getting fantastic reviews from editors and customers all over the world. In which way is it so special and different from all other “similar” products on the market? Does it work for everybody?

Jena Covello: It is different because we are using sodium ascorbyl phosphate instead of l ascorbic acid.
First and foremost ascorbic acid is almost always derived from gmo corn. Secondly, it causes a lot of people to break out because it’s so harsh. Our derivative actually heals and prevents the look of acne and helps rosacea.  The second ingredient is a French patented calcium. Studies have shown that it lifts and tightens skin by 27% after 30 days of use.
Everyone can use it, it’s great for women in their late 20’s to 70’s…it’s really for everyone!

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We know that your research and ingredient sourcing mainly happens in Europe. Can you explain us the reasons for this choice?

Jena Covello: Some of the ingredients in the US are filled with pesticides and GMO’s. We can’t guarantee that every ingredient is completely pesticide free because it’s virtually impossible because the air carries pesticides to organic and wild crafted farms. But we believe that the use of pesticides is much less in Europe than America. The quality is also superior. We work with an amazing anti aging supplier in Europe whose ingredients are backed by science and Ecocert approved.  We love that this supplier is non-gmo, non-toxic yet completely backed by science.

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Deodorants, face and body oil, vitamin c, holi water and, soon, sunscreens and bath soaks. Why aren’t you also including any cleansing products to your range

Jena Covello: Next year 😉

How important is it for you to address beauty also from the inside?

Jena Covello: The most important! What you eat directly impacts your skin. If you want beautiful skin, an anti inflammatory diet is the best way to go. I’m also a firm believer in supplements. We cant get all of the vitamins and nutrients we need from food alone. Supplements are mandatory and preventive. They’ve greatly improved my health.

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