There are days when you feel like your skin just needs a tall drink of water. This is especially the case during a change of season. Transitioning from warmer weather to colder conditions can be tough on skin’s hydration, not to mention the constant changes in temperature thanks to central heating systems that can cause havoc.  

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Keeping yourself well hydrated by drinking plenty of water on a daily basis, although vital to overall good health, isn’t necessarily the key to glowing skin.

There’s actually a lack of evidence to show the direct impact of drinking more water has on the skin.

But there’s also a lack of evidence to say that it doesn’t. In the face of this hydration paradox, we’ve come to the conclusion it’s all about keeping a finger on the pulse by listening to your body intently and giving it what it wants (which a lot of the times is, in fact, a tall drink of water).

The fact is, you can (and should) always give your skin a helping hand in times of need – and if hydration is what it lacks, then hydration is what it shall receive, both from the inside and on the outside. So, we’ve rounded up 7 of the most amazing and thirst-quenching mists, balms and oils for your face and body.

1. Plant Apothecary Re: Fresh Organic Toning Facial Mist

hydration plant apothecary

Best for: Combination and oily skin

Why we love it: With its antibacterial properties, a few spritzes of this aromatic facial mist may be exactly what the doctor ordered. It moisturises and nourishes the skin, leaving it smooth and feeling restored. It smells gorgeous, too, packed full of cucumber extract, rosewater, aloe vera, hamamelis and lemongrass.

2. Nucifera The Mist

disidratazione the mist nucifera

Best for: Most skin types

Why we love it: It’s an all-rounder and a great multitasking mist that not only hydrates, but also deodorises your face, body and even your hair. This spray realty packs a punch with its special blend of pure essential oils and its antibacterial properties.

3. Grown Alchemist Age Repair Lip Treatment

disidratazione trattamento labbra

Best for: Dry or chapped lips

Why we love it: It’s small but potent. Grown Alchemist’s special formula hydrates and conditions your lips, while actually increasing volume and refining the lip-line. Pucker up, buttercup – this one is a keeper.

4. Nucifera The Balm

Best for: Most skin types

Why we love it: There’s nothing better than a multitasking beauty hero and Nucifera’s balm is exactly that – a minimalist’s dream incarnated, you can use it on your body, face, lips, hands and hair. It even doubles as a moisturising cleanser. With key ingredients such as organic coconut oil, kokum and mango butter and moringa oil, this balm is everything you’ll ever need to keep skin dehydration at bay.

5. Myevooskin Body Oils

disidratazione myevooskin

Best for: Most skin types

Why we love it: A nourishing body oil made with the highest quality cold pressed extra virgin olive oil is exactly what your skin needs to feel deeply hydrated. Its premium, yet light formula contains precious acids present in olive oil that work to stimulate your skin, while keeping it soft and supple. It’s super absorbent and smells incredible. We stock three different strengths: 50, 93 and 98.

6. Myevooskin Bodybio Hydrating and Toning Body Cream

disidratazione bodybio

Best for: All skin types

Why we love it: It’s soft, rich and also contains their signature cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, plus shea butter. It soothes and repairs, and its particularly good to combat redness and irritation.

7. Myevooskin Everyday Face Cream

disidratazione myevoo everyday

Best for: All skin types

Why we love it: Just like it says on the packaging, it’s an everyday cream that is hard-working and feels lovely to use. It’s nourishing and has antioxidant properties, thanks to a powerful combination of ingredients, including cold pressed extra virgin olive oil, hyaluronic acid and helichrysum (a soothing and anti-inflammatory agent often paired with lavender).


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